Desiree Hartsock Starts Search for Love, Makes Cuts on The Bachelorette Premiere



“The Bachelorette” Season 9 premiered on Monday, with Desiree Harstock — ex of “Bachelor” Sean Lowe — beginning her search for love with 25 suitors.

The episode started with Hartsock discussing her hopes and goals for this journey (a husband, natch) in light of last season’s heartbreak.

She then got to meet her handsome hunks with the show’s infamous limo entrances.

In addition to the usual cheesy lines and gestures, the more interesting introductions were Zak greeting the bridal stylist shirtless (and staying that way for the rest of the night), Jonathan offering to go directly to the Fantasy Suite, Diogo coming as a knight in shining armor, and Ben arriving with his 4-year-old son Brody.

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After mingling at the cocktail party, Desiree handed out first impression roses to six men: Ben, Zak, digital marketing analyst Drew, Iraq war veteran Bryden, federal prosecutor Michael G., and investment advisor Nick M.

So, how did Zak earn his?

Well, since he was already topless, he decided to ditch his pants, too, and jump into the pool in his underwear. Classy.

And Jonathan again urged Desiree to spend time in the Fantasy Suite (which doesn’t even exist at this point in the season), making her so “uncomfortable” that she sent him home.

“I don’t want to even wait for the rose ceremony,” she told him. ”I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to leave.”

At the actual rose ceremony moments after, Desiree had to make her first big saves and eliminations of the season, ultimately cutting five more guys.

With those exits — Diogo, Nick R., Larry, Micah and Mike R. — plus Jonathan, 19 guys remain in the competition.

Do you have a favorite contestant for Desiree yet?

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