‘American Idol,’ ‘Voice’ Alum Jon Peter Lewis Releases New Video With Folk Duo Midas Whale

Midas Whale may have been eliminated from The Voice way before their time in the "knockout rounds," but the folk duo isn’t going down without a fight.

This week, the Utah-based musicians have released a new video for their song, “Howling at the Moon,” giving fans a taste of what their forthcoming CD will sound like.

The video, which is prominently displayed on the band’s Kickstarter campaign page, features vocalists Jon Peter Lewis, a former top 10 finalist on American Idol, and his bandmate Ryan Hayes, in an old-timey setting recorded live at Randall Lake's Guthrie Artist Coop in Salt Lake City.

“We wanted the video to have a very "timeless" feel to it, and Randall Lake's Guthrie Artist Coop in Salt Lake City has this very old world atmosphere, so luckily he let us in to use the space,” Lewis tells The Hollywood Reporter of the song, which includes both vocalists doing their best wolfman howling. “If you look close you can see that he makes a cameo in the video."

With seven days left until the end of Midas Whale's Kickstarter campaign, Lewis said the group felt the time was right to put out new material.

“When we began our Kickstarter campaign, Ryan and I both became keenly aware of our lack of original content available to people. And, although we'd been writing constantly before and after our journey on The Voice, we needed something to show for our efforts,” he said. “So, we sat down with Skylar Nielsen from Vita Brevis Films and came up with the idea of shooting a live performance of one of our originals.”

If the group meets its goal of $30,000 on Kickstarter, the duo will be able to see a full CD of material come to fruition.

“Hopefully people will get sense from the video of the type of songs they'll hear on the upcoming album,” he said.

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