5 Easy And Adorable Ways To Organize Your Cords

We could all use a stylish way to keep your cords from getting all tangled in your bag.

Everyone knows that tangled up power cords and cables are seriously obnoxious. Here are five pretty ways to solve that problem.

Kim from This Is Knockout created this simple but effective system for headphone cables.

What you’ll need: two wooden clothes pegs, all-purpose glue, washi tape in colours or patterns of your choice, and your headphones.

Step 1: Get your pegs right.

Step 1: Get your pegs right.

First, you need to check the pegs are the right size for your headphones. Open one of the pegs and clamp around the wire just below the jack plug of your headphones. If the jack plug doesn’t fall through the end, you’ve got a winner. If it does, you’ll need to get some slightly smaller pegs.

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