Your Internet Photos Are Already Starting To Die

The popular-in-2004 photohosting service Webshots announced a relaunch, but glossed over the fact they'll be deleting your old photos if you don't update your account. Welcome to the next stage of internet linkrot.

Webshots image posted to found photo blog Internet History

Photohosting service Webshots announced yesterday that it's becoming Smile, a photosharing service that pulls your photos from various places (Instagram, Facebook, etc) and stores them in one convenient accessible cloud. Which sounds like a really great idea, and really useful for sharing photos with friends and family and parole officers.

However, buried deep within their FAQ section is the bad news. The bad news is that if you don’t log into your old Webshots account and confirm it as a new Smile account, all your photos will be deleted. Webshots CEO Narendra Rocherolle confirmed to BuzzFeed, "It is true that the old service has been paused and will no longer be available after Dec 1."

Yes. They will be deleted. Forever. [echo] ever... ever... ever...

What happens if you don't confirm your existing Webshots account into a new Smile account. "For unconfirmed accounts, all photos will be removed by Nov. 15."

[It seems that the Nov. 15 date here is a mistake - it says Dec. 1 in all other areas.]


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