Miniature Donkey Gets A New Lease On Life Tops The Morning Links

Only having three legs should never slow you down. Also, electric car sales are still limping along and this bear's only weakness is angry women.

Auto-makers scale back electric car production as economy bounces back and people don't care about spending $4.50 a gallon gas. - [TheAtlanticWire]

Somehow Adam Sandler's animated vampire movie topped the box office this weekend. - [HollywoodReporter]

Months and months after it came to light, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes public statements about his affair. - [Salon]

9 times obesity has actually kept people from doing things they wanted to commit murder. - [Oddee]

This band sold out Radio City Music Hall but half the members still can't afford health insurance. - [Vulture]

This bear was not prepared to be yelled at by an angry housewife. - [CoedMagazine]

Sure people joke about having a shrine to their favorite athlete, but these 20 fans actually did it. - [BleacherReport]

In a pleasant turn of events, looks like big money can't buy an election after all. - [TheFiscalTimes]

10 great shows that were canceled even with better ratings than Parks And Recreation. - [Uproxx]

Headline Story: The same company that created a prosthetic dolphin tail is back to help this miniature donkey run and play. - [DailyMail]


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