MAG: Jude Law Having “Midlife Crisis”

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Jude Law was once considered Hollywood’s hottest bachelor, but lately he’s looking more like an unpaid extra,” reports Star magazine.

The tabloid says friends close to the actor “have noticed him growing increasingly unhappy and disheveled as he struggles with a midlife crisis.”

“He doesn’t know what to do to make himself feel better,” explains a Star insider. “He’s staying up late, drinking, smoking and eating junk food. It’s all driving him deeper into depression.”

According to the mag, Law’s fading looks are also a problem.

“The studios think his movies are flopping because he doesn’t have the pretty-boy appeal he used to,” says the Star source. “Jude was never concerned with being handsome. But now that he’s starting to age, he’s realizing he was actually very dependent on his looks.”

So a movie star’s looks are important?

Who knew?

Here’s what’s true about this story: Jude Law, like every human being ever, gets older year after year.

But Law is NOT melting down, depressed, and worrying his friends, as Star claims.

A source close to Law tells Gossip Cop talk of a “midlife crisis” is complete “nonsense.”

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