MAG: Jennifer Hudson Thinks Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Is “Colossal Joke”

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“Not everyone is impressed with Jessica Simpson’s supposed weight loss — namely fellow Weight Watchers pitchwoman Jennifer Hudson,” according to the National Enquirer.

A source for the supermarket tabloid claims that the Oscar winner is “frustrated with Jess and how she’s handled her weight-loss fiasco.”

Uh, what “fiasco” — besides the one manufactured by National Enquirer and other tabloids?

Anyway, the “source” goes on to allege that Hudson “thinks Jess’ stab at dieting has been a colossal joke,” and even allegedly “said that Jessica still looks fat despite an enormous $4 million incentive to lose weight.”

The National Enquirer further claims that Hudson’s “ire” hasn’t come out of nowhere, but actually came after Simpson supposedly rebuffed her offers of help.

“Jennifer phoned Jessica multiple times a day to offer pep talks and tips, even FedExing her diet diary to the ‘Fashion Star’ mentor,” reports the tab.

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Now, alleges the Enquirer “source,” Hudson “is having the last laugh,” and has “written Jessica off as a total mess.”

“Jennifer thinks Jessica has been lazy and not serious about getting fit,” claims the so-called “source,” adding, “Jessica obviously didn’t put in the work.”

Let’s get this straight.

Hudson, who knows from her own experience that massive weight loss does not occur magically overnight, believes Simpson — who has already lost more than 40 pounds — is a “total mess” and “not serious” about her health?

And, to top it off, the former “American Idol” finalist is badmouthing Simpson because the singer supposedly rejected Hudson’s advice?


The only “mess” here is the National Enquirer itself, which just last week wrongly claimed Simpson was in a body “battle” with Vanessa Minnillo, and seems to keep ignoring the obvious fact that Simpson has lost a lot of weight.

A rep for Hudson tells Gossip Cop that the tabloid’s accusations of a rift with Simpson are completely “not true.”

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