Jenelle Evans Gets Massive Leopard Tattoo



Jenelle Evans is not afraid to show off her body, and the “Teen Mom 2″ star’s latest physical transformation is raising eyebrows.

On Monday, Evans tweeted pictures of her new tattoo — a giant leopard across her hip and thigh.


She also provided an explanation for the new body art.

“I have been planning this tattoo out for a while now but I never wanted to get it done because I didn’t feel as if it was the correct timing because it didn’t mean anything to me,” wrote Evans in a blog post. “I thought that it would be stupid to get it without any meaning.”

She continued, “Just recently I thought about it and got it! The Leopard itself represents how strong I am but no one knows and they underestimate my strength so that’s why the leopard print fades away.”

Evans added, “I’m so strong and no one sees, I guess no know one sees my strengths because I do it discretely (sic).”

“It’s very hard to explain my tattoo but I know what it means,” concluded the MTV star. “I hope you guys understand, lol.”

Check out the pics below — What do you think of Evans’ ink?

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