Don Johnson’s Payout in Nash Bridges Case Reduced by $35M

NEW YORK ( - Don Johnson's award in a lawsuit over "Nash Bridges" has been cut from more than $50 million to $15 million, plus interest.

Johnson was awarded $23 million in 2010 from Rysher Productions, which produced the cop drama. He was also awarded $28.5 million in interest.

But Rysher appealed, alleging jury misconduct and that the amount of interest to which Johnson was entitled was calculated incorrectly. Jurors had initially decided to award Johnson $15 million before deciding, through their calculations, that he was entitled to far more.

On Monday, the California Court of Appeal agreed with Rysher, saying Johnson should receive just $15 million, plus interest as of July 2010,when the verdict was handed down. The larger dollar amount factored in interest that would have started accruing years before the verdict.

"Nash Bridges" aired on CBS from 1996 to 2001.


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