A Defense Of The Brooklyn Nets’ Cheerleader Uniforms

Everyone who writes for the Internet is nattering on about how “bad” and “trashy” they are. But actually, as far as cheer outfits go, they're pretty innovative.

The below image is a new photo of the Brooklyn Nets' cheer squad wearing their official cheerleading outfits. The attire has been met with much scorn. Which, I get. Really, I do. My first reaction when I saw this photo was "Christina Aguilera wouldn't even wear that drunk LOLLL." Others argue that these costumes "fail to epitomize the charm of Brooklyn," as Global Grind noted. But it seems unrealistic for them to cheer in something as wildly different from your standard stretchy, skimpy cheerleader attire as, like, Brooklyn's finest plaid flannel shirts, clogs, and self-consciously floppy hats. Upon further reflection, I have determined these costumes are actually kind of fab. Here's why.

1. They include statement pants.

1. They include statement pants.

I hardly pay any attention to non-Olympic sports that don't involve leotards, so I'm not a cheer uniform expert or anything, but skimming over the photos of the uniformed cheerleaders in my wire photo service, it's hard to find a pair of statement pants. And statement pants are a defining fashion trend of the past year. Nowadays you can hardly go outside without seeing people with pants that look like wallpaper of nail art — sometimes a combination of the two. The black-and-white striped leggings might not be the prettiest statement pants, but at least they're not the same old black flared stretch dance pants the Baltimore Ravens cheer squad wears.

The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders on September 27.

Image by Rob Carr / Getty Images

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