6 Things You Should Know About Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

The indie rap duo have made their feelings about thrift shops very clear, but were you aware that they also love pizza?

Macklemore Is The Rapper, Ryan Lewis Is The Producer

Macklemore Is The Rapper, Ryan Lewis Is The Producer

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Macklemore, a.k.a. Ben Haggerty, has been releasing music since 2000. He started off as a local musician in his native Seattle, but he's since become a cult star in North America and Europe. He struggled with addiction through much of the mid-00s, and began his collaboration with Lewis after he got clean in 2008. They've been on the rise ever since.

They Love Second-Hand Clothes

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The duo's single "Thrift Shop" has been gradually building in popularity since it came out in late August, and it was the most-shared song in America on Spotify last week. The song has a simple message: Bargain hunting in thrift stores is "FUCKING AWESOME." It's the perfect song for a cultural moment in which people are obsessed with swag, yet a staggering number of people are either unemployed or just scraping by.

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