6 Things Jack White Was Trying To Tell Us At Radio City Music Hall

He didn't address pissing off his fans in his second night in New York, but we can read a lot into what he sang and played.

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Jack White didn't say even a single word to his fans at Radio City Music Hall last night, frustrating anyone who was hoping he'd explain why he abruptly ended his show there the night before after less than an hour, or, you know, apologize for it. Instead, he and his all-female band The Peacocks tore through a 70-minute set that focused almost exclusively on his nastiest, most biting material. Since White let his music do the talking, the only thing we can do is extrapolate from what he sang and what he played. And so...

He Was Obviously Annoyed

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The whole show felt like a tantrum, with White playing nearly every song at a much faster tempo that made everything sound peevish and agitated, and like he was trying to get through everything as quickly as possible. This wasn't a bad thing! White's music draws much of its energy from a defensive anger, so he fully inhabited his snippiest lyrics. Even a song like "Hotel Yorba," which is fun and cheery, came out sounding aggrieved.

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