Salma Hayek Admits to Sexting Husband?

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Did Salma Hayek over-share in an interview with More magazine?

After the Savages actress sat down with the publication for an October cover story, a number of outlets zeroed in on a line from her interview, using it as evidence that she admitted to “sexting” her billionaire husband, Francois Henri-Pinault.

Speaking of her man, Hayek told the mag, “Of course, I can show you a text that would surprise you,” teasing, “I can show you a thousand things. But I’m not going to.”

However, it seems that the movie star’s statement was misinterpreted by the interviewer, making it sound racier than Hayek actually intended.

A rep for Hayek tells Gossip Cop the actress was referring to romantic text messages from her husband — not “sexts.”

Big difference.

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