Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

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“The Latest Pics Of Kim Kardashian CONFIRM IT… She’s PREGNANT!!!” blares a headline from MediaTakeOut, which still hasn’t figured out how to unlock its caps key.

The site writes, “With RATINGS of this season of Kim’s reality show SLIPPING… you knew she was gonna do SOMETHING to get people watching again,” adding, “And that SOMETHING… appears to be a BABY!!!”

According to the blog, which has a sloppy track record when it comes to reporting about the reality star, “Kim Kardashian was out yesterday showing a CLEAR BELLY BULGE.”

MTO says, “So far she’s NOT CONFIRMING her pregnancy,” adding, “but you know Kim… she ain’t confirming ISH unless it’s a COVER STORY and she’s getting PAID OFF OF IT!!!”


Or, another possibly scenario is that she’s not confirming her pregnancy because she’s not pregnant.


Given the number of times MediaFakeOut has falsely impregnated Kardashian, Gossip Cop is going to go with the latter.

And a source close to the reality clan confirms our hunch, telling us it’s “NOT TRUE” that Kardashian is expecting.

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