Cops: Lindsay Lohan Assault Suspect Will NOT Face Charges, Investigation Closed

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Lindsay Lohan was assaulted in a New York hotel room on Sunday morning, the police confirm to Gossip Cop.

After a night out at the New York hotspot 1Oak, Lohan invited a 25-year-old male she met named Christian LaBella back to her room at the W Hotel with a group of others.

At a certain point, we’re told the two had an argument over photos LaBella took of Lohan on his cell phone, and when she tried to grab his phone, the suspect allegedly threw the actress on a bed.

A bit later, Lohan reportedly told the cops LaBella had choked her and pushed her to the ground.

A friend of hers came to her aid, and Lohan then pulled a fire alarm for help, prompting LaBella to flee down the hotel’s stairs.

The police fortunately were there on time to apprehend him.

We’re told LaBella has been charged with two counts of assault and two counts of harassment.

Gossip Cop is still verifying more details, and has reached out to Lohan’s reach for a comment.

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