CLAIM: Jennifer Lawrence “High-Fashion Fight” Against Natalie Portman, Other Stars

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Jennifer Lawrence is in a “High-Fashion Fight” with Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron and Mila Kunis, according to Star magazine.

What’s supposedly the problem?

The Hunger Games star has signed a deal with Christian Dior, explains Star, and the other spokeswomen are “furious.”

“Natalie, Mila and Charlize are not happy,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid. “It’s a big slap in their pretty faces. They feel like they’re being replaced by a younger actress.”

Lawrence will not let the others’ “sour grapes” ruin her accomplishment, says Star, but the stage is still allegedly set for some kind of beauty brawl.


First of all, we’re not quite sure why Star seems so intent on setting up feuds between Lawrence and other actresses (like the tab’s bogus story about her “fuming” over a non-existent Kristen Stewart casting), but it’s getting old.

More importantly, the very nature of beauty and fashion endorsements is that companies often have more than one spokesperson at a time.

That’s why there are many different CoverGirl “faces,” and why Christian Dior has made deals with Portman, Theron and Kunis.

If Lawrence is added, it doesn’t suddenly throw everything into chaos.

Kunis and Portman are both younger than Theron — according to Star’s “logic,” therefore, Theron must be “furious” with them, too.

But she’s not.

This is all sensationalized nonsense.

Sources close to the Dior stars tell Gossip Cop there’s absolutely no bad blood between them.

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