Teen Eats Nothing But Tic-Tacs Tops The Morning Links

And doctors can't figure out why. Plus, Alf is coming to the big screen and a new plug-in hides the products of child labor from your online shopping experience.

"Meet Natalie Cooper, a 17-year-old teenager who has a mysterious illness that makes her sick every time she eats anything. Well, almost anything. She can eat one thing that doesn't make her sick: Tic Tac mints!

For reasons that doctors are unable to explain, Tic Tacs are the only thing she can stomach, meaning she has to get the rest of her sustenance from a specially formulated feeding tube."

This "dying to work" billboard scared the hell out of Las Vegas commuters. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Oh good, the producer of the CGI Smurfs atrocity is going to reboot Alf. - [HollywoodReporter]

Stephen Colbert rips Fox News a new one for questioning Gabby Douglas's patriotism. - [Uproxx]

So Ben Affleck really wants to stick a fourth baby in Jennifer Garner but she is having none of it. - [TheSuperficial]

The new Internet plug-in aVOID blocks out clothing lines created by child labor to help you be a more humane shopper. - [HuffingtonPost]

Olympian Alysia Montano wore a flower in her hair during her event to send a message that femininity and strength are not mutually exclusive. - [TheFrisky]

For the first time since the cheating scandal broke, Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross have been photographed together, leading to reconciliation speculation. - [TMZ]

Eight years after winning the gold, the International Olympics Committee strips the honor from USA cyclist Tyler Hamilton. - [BleacherReport]

Not all lottery winners fritter away their new found money. Some opt to do a lot of good deeds. - [HLN]

Headline Story: Natalie isn't the only one with a weird eating quirk. Click through for seven more bizarrely disturbing diets! - [Oddee]


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