TAB: Kristen Stewart “May Be Pregnant — But Doesn’t Know Who The Father Is!”

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As Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson separately attempt to heal in the wake of her cheating with Rupert Sanders, tabloids continue to try to profit off of the pair’s personal problems by manufacturing additional drama about the actors.

This week, Star claims Stewart is trapped in a “Pregnancy Nightmare,” fearing she “may be pregnant — but doesn’t know who the father is!”

According to a so-called “friend” of the actress, “Kris is sick with worry because she missed her period.”

Excuse us… but Star expects readers to believe that uber-private Stewart reveals the details of her menstrual cycle to someone who talks to tabloids?

That’s just laughable.

Anyhow, the alleged pal adds that Stewart is under a lot of stress in “trying to win back Rob’s trust” and “do public damage control so her career won’t be wrecked — and all the while trying to deal with this pregnancy secret.”

Making everything worse, claims the mag, is that friends have supposedly turned on Stewart since she admitted to cheating, so now she’s “alone and facing single motherhood,” notes another purported insider.

The made up source goes on to add that although the Twilight star allegedly used to complain about the “pressure” Pattinson put on her to get married, “Right now, she’d give anything to carry Rob’s baby… but Kristen can’t be sure if it’s Rob’s or Rupert’s.”

“She’s praying like crazy that it’s a false alarm.”


Absolutely NOT.

It’s this careless story that’s a false alarm.

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Stewart and Sanders NEVER had sex, so there’s no way she could be pregnant with his child.

Regardless, a source close to the actress tells us the claim that Stewart is worried she’s expecting is 100% NOT TRUE.

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