Selena Gomez On-Set “Kissing” Pictures Get Sensationalized

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The serial fabricators and sensationalists at HollywoodLife are once again practicing their shameless brand of trashy webloid “journalism,” this time trying to make it look like Selena Gomez is cheating on Justin Bieber.

“Selena Gomez Caught Making Out With A New Boy,” announces a new HollywoodLife headline, showing a picture of Gomez embracing fellow actor Nat Wolff during filming of the upcoming movie Parental Guidance.

Of course, this type of bait-and-switch is nothing new, but the site amps up the situation in a bid to make it look scandalous.

“Don’t look Justin Bieber — your girlfriend is kissing another man!” begins the report.

HollywoodLife later adds, “We have a feeling Justin Bieber is not going to react well to these new photos!”

The site asks its readers, “Should Justin be jealous?”

Here’s a better question.

When will HollywoodLife stop making up stuff about Selena Gomez?

Because the blog does it a lot.

And doesn’t seem to know how to quit.

We guess when you’re this clueless about a celebrity’s personal life, the only resort is to sensationalize non-stories like an on-set kiss.

PHOTOS – Gomez & Wolff Filming “Parental Guidance”

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