Robert Pattinson Accusing Kristen Stewart and Giovanni Agnelli of Having “Affair”?

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Robert Pattinson Upset Kristen Stewart Is Staying With Producer Pal, Accuses Them Of Having Affair,” reads the latest attempt by RadarOnline to cause more trouble in an already troubling situation.

The webloid, which previously and wrongly reported that “Stewart is staying with her producer pal Giovanni Agnelli,” now adds another layer of inaccuracy by claiming, Pattinson “has been calling [Agnelli] a lot since Kristen has been there… He is super angry now and has accused Giovanni of sleeping with Kristen too.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Stewart is NOT staying with Agnelli — and Pattinson has NOT been accusing the producer of “sleeping with Kristen too,” as stated by the blog.

RadarOnline, of course, has a terrible track recording, having foolishly alleged Stewart was thinking of crashing Pattinson’s Cosmopolis premiere, and that she “danced” after beating Jennifer Lawrence for the lead in Lie Down in Darkness, which has NOT even been cast yet.

Gossip Cop, on the other hand, will continue to suss out the real facts from all the fiction being reported.

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