Reese Told Rob Pattinson to Stay At House Because She’d Been Cheated On, Too?

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The Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart drama continues to unfold, and RadarOnline believes it has a new “exclusive” angle.

According to the webloid, Reese Witherspoon “reached out” to Pattinson after Stewart’s indiscretion with Rupert Sanders came to light, because she’d endured a similar scandal and wanted to give her Water for Elephants co-star “a place to stay and a shoulder to cry on.”

An “insider” for RadarOnline says, “Reese went through a very public cheating scandal herself when Ryan Phillippe went outside their marriage and hooked up with Abbie Cornish, so her first thought when she heard about Kristen and Rob was to reach out to him and make sure he was okay.”

“Reese knows what it’s like to be on display when your heart is broken, so she felt like opening up her home to Rob was the right thing to do,” explains the site’s source.

Let’s clear up a couple of things.

A source close to Witherspoon tells Gossip Cop the actress’ interaction with Pattinson is not and has not been guided by her history with Phillippe.

We’re assured that Witherspoon, who’s friends with the actor, made no such dramatic “I’ve been cheated on, too” overture to Pattinson to get him to take refuge at her Ojai, California property.

Any contact between the two friends grew from Pattinson’s need for temporary escape from tabloid glare; meanwhile, the notion that he has gone into any kind of extended hiding simply is not the case.

Also, as Gossip Cop previously reported, while Pattinson may have escaped to Witherspoon’s Ojai pad initially after the Stewart news broke, he had already left by the time the media picked up on it.

Witherspoon’s involvement in the story has been exaggerated — in this new RadarOnline piece and elsewhere.

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