Quora Users Plot To Blow Up Disney World

Someone asked on Quora what would be the best way to storm Disney World's Cinderella castle. They got frighteningly well-informed answers.

Quora, the Google+ of Yahoo Answers, posed a reasonable question:

Military Strategy: What are the optimal siege tactics for taking Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle?

Cinderella Castle is the the worldwide-recognized icon of the Disney empire. Physical representations of it stand at the center of two Disney Parks: Walt Disney World in Florida, and Tokyo Disneyland. Assuming it were an actual fortress, how would you take it?

User Jon Davis, a Marine sergeant and a military history buff wrote out this incredibly detailed answer, complete with annotated map:

Phase 1:
A ground must be chosen in which you can quickly secure a foothold into the Magic Kingdom. This position must be easily accessible for the invasion force, provide cover and concealment for the troops and give strategic advantage once taken while depriving the enemy of the same. For this mission, I choose the area outside the tracks, between Tomorrowland and Main Street USA. Consideration must be taken to ensure we are not spotted by the monorail. Please feel free to zoom in for details.

Phase 2:
The next phase would be the first two infantry companies sneaking in through the wooded area in the Southeast between Tomorrowland and Mainstreet, USA. Their primary targets are the train station and entrance to the park (to prevent enemy escape or reinforcements.) The Tomorrowland company's objective is to secure the square and and buildings, as well as any advanced technologies it may hold. Marines and soldiers are advised to not use the teleporters. They're a trap. They will only kill your unit and replace him with an evil alien. Their main attack route will be through the stage. Also important is that troops remember to take all underground entry points and gas them to prevent surprise attacks from the tunnels.

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