New Hooters Commercial Is Really Funny, Says Nobody

It tries to be funny by making fun of fat, old ladies, and of course celebrating bOObs. Directed by Jody Hill (creator of “Eastbound and Down” and director/writer of “Observe & Report”).

I don't have a problem with the lifeguard "boom"-celebrating (that's what he's doing with his hands) the waitresses' hooters. It is a HOOters spot.

But, making fun of old ladies and their asses?
The good owl/bad owl scenario is so tired. As is the "I just threw up in my beak" line.
Just pathetic. Amazingly pathetic, actually.

The ad agency press release:

This new campaign, via (Atlanta ad agency) Fitzgerald+Co, directed by Jody Hill (noted director of HBO's Eastbound & Down) and edited by Arcade Edit's Geoff Hounsell, features Hooters consumers' inner Hooters dialogue.
In "Lifeguard", two hand puppets, the Devil and Angel Owls, resplendent in the orange and white Hooters colors, debate the merits of a prospective guest’s inner dialogue on whether he should go to Hooters and what he should order when he gets there.

And this is what Hill had to say:

"How we approached (this) was kind of like what we do on Eastbound & Down. You start with the script. That's kind of your blueprint for the structure. And then you add on a joke or two, and pretty soon you just start improv-ing off that. That's where you get those kind of magic moments that you can't really write."

Yep. Pure fucking magic.


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