MAG: “Traumatized” Suri Cruise “Saddest Little Girl” at Disney World

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Not surprisingly, with very little actual drama happening in the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise split, tabloids are resorting to nasty speculation — and not even the former couple’s six-year-old daughter is spared.

According to the National Enquirer, “The fallout from her famous parents’ divorce appears to be taking a heavy toll on Suri Cruise!”

How so?

“Experts fear that Suri may be getting traumatized,” explains the tabloid, without even a hint of self-awareness.

The impetus for the Enquirer’s claim was the little girl’s recent trip to Disney World with her dad, during which Suri is said to have looked upset.

The outlet cites “observers” who allege that despite Tom’s efforts, “Suri appeared to be ‘sad and alone’ much of the time.”

To back up this version of events, the Enquirer offers three “stunning photos” that indeed show Suri without a smile (although far from “alone”).

A so-called “eyewitness” for the tabloid reports, “Suri was at the happiest place on earth, but at times she looked like the saddest little girl in the world… It was heartbreaking.”


It’s funny how a couple of phony quotes and cherry-picked pictures can “support” whatever a tabloid decides is the “story.”

The cover of In Touch this week tries to make it seem like Suri is “Forgetting Mommy Already” — and uses a photo of Suri in the pool at Disney World with an enormous smile on her face.

It’s almost as though the little girl showed a range of emotions over the course of the trip, none of which should be the basis for stories analyzing her emotional health.

Of course, the tabs have been merciless in their incessant analysis of the six-year-old following her parents’ divorce, pretending to be concerned about her well being as they splash her face across their pages, week after week.

The National Enquirer, whose coverage of Holmes and Cruise has been so out of control the actor’s been forced to threaten legal action, has zero insight into whether Suri Cruise has been “traumatized,” and neither do its “experts,” none of whom have spent any time with the family.

Divorce is always difficult on kids, and Suri is no exception.

But if anything is making this situation “traumatic” for the six-year-old, it’s the shameless tabloid coverage of her every move and speculation about her inner life.

These articles merely try to milk every last bit of perceived misery from an already settled divorce, with little respect for facts or children.

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