Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Sex Tape?

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Is Kim Kardashian about to make a new sex tape?

According to Star, the reality TV personality is “still trying to live down” the infamous video she made with ex-boyfriend Ray J, so she’s “horrified” that new beau Kanye West “wants her to make another.”


“He always tells Kim that she should showcase her amazing body whenever possible,” explains a so-called “friend.”

The rapper “swears that their filmed fornication will be art, not porn,” claims the magazine.

But Kardashian isn’t sold on the idea.

Star’s “insider” says she’s curious, but “scared to take the idea to her momager, Kris!”

Please allow Gossip Cop to translate.

The tabloid, which has made up stories about Kardashian and West since they began dating, and has filled its pages this week with fake reports about other celebrities, thought it would get some mileage out of a bogus “new Kim Kardashian sex tape” item.

By suggesting that Kardashian needs approval from Kris Jenner to film her “fornication” with West, Star tries to make it seem like this is an idea that’s legitimately being discussed and considered, instead of what it actually is: Nonsense dreamed up by a desperate magazine.

Kardashian and West are not making a sex tape.

They’re not discussing a sex tape with Jenner.

As a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop, the Star story is “stupid.”

Sounds like a fair assessment to us.

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