Katherine Jackson: I Was Kept From Contacting Grandkids While in Arizona


Katherine Jackson, who told ABC News a little more than a week ago that she went to Arizona for a “short vacation,” and that she didn’t contact her grandchildren Prince, Paris and Blanket because “I didn’t want to have any phone calls while I was here,” told the court a very different story in documents made public on Thursday in connection with her bid to be co-guardian of Michaels kids with T.J. Jackson.

According to court papers, the Jackson matriarch said that while she was at a Tucson spa, she was completely unaware that she had been reported missing, because her cell phone and iPad were taken, and the room she was in didn’t having a working phone or TV.

Jackson also said she inquired about her grandkids, and was told “they were fine.”

The judge, who said he felt “the kids are in terrific hands” with their grandma, gave Katherine and T.J. co-guardianship, and is allowing them both to make decisions about the children’s upbringing and welfare.

Regardless, what do you think about Katherine’s about-face regarding her time in Tucson and being cut off from her grandchildren?

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