July 2012 Events Explained Via Facebook And Other Weekend Links

It was a weird month. Plus cartoon characters that would be horrifying if they were real and fish can get skin cancer now. Yay?

21 cartoon characters that would be terrifying in reality. - [Cracked]

Watch this insane volleyball kick that saved Brazil's play. - [BleacherReport]

So butter flavoring, like that found on microwave popcorn, has been linked to Alzheimers...wait what was I saying? Mmmm, popcorn. - [DeathAndTaxes]

Good news everyone (living in Illinois)! It is now illegal for your employer to ask for your Facebook password. - [HuffingtonPost]

Speaking of Facebook, tired of all your friends babies cluttering up your feed? Get rid of them...the photos, not the friends. - [HLN]

We've discovered the first known incident of skin cancer on wild fish. In the tropics. Because ozone, probably. - [GammaSquad]

12 bizarre photos of people crammed into unusual spaces. - [Flavorwire]

This 90 year old pole vaulter just broke a world record. Feel free to feel bad about your own level of activity. - [Tecca]

Check out these 10 outstanding Olympic athlete tattoos. - [Oddee]

Headline Story: Be sure to click through to read the entire world's Facebook wall for July. Egypt's insults are super old, you guys. - [CollegeHumor]


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