Joe Giudice Calls Teresa "My Bitch Wife" During Suspicious Phone Call

If Joe Giudice has any pet names for his wife Teresa, he certainly doesn't employ any of them in an explosive new Real Housewives of New Jersey clip.

In the episode (airing August 19), the Giudices -- along with the Lauritas, the Wakiles and the Gorgas -- enjoy a trip to Napa Valley to celebrate Caroline Manzo's 50th birthday. During an al fresco group dinner, Joe gets up from the table to take a phone call he claims is for work.

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Off to the side, Joe speaks into the phone in hushed tones, asking what the person on the other line is doing. When Teresa approaches, he insults his spouse to the caller.

"Here she comes, my bitch wife. She's such a c---," he snipes. "I'm going to hang up."

An understandably suspicious Teresa questions her husband about what he's doing. "Who are you talking to?"

Joe's terse reply? "A worker, what the f---?"

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When Teresa attempts to convince him to re-join the group, he calls her a "retard" and a "pain in the ass," and claims the person he's speaking to doesn't speak English, lest Teresa attempt to grab the phone from him. To make his claim seem more credible, he begins giving instructions in Italian.

Earlier this year, sources told Us Weekly that Teresa -- obsessed with keeping up appearances -- habitually turns a blind eye to Joe's misbehavior, in addition to ignoring a constant stream of cheating rumors.

"Teresa puts on blinders when it comes to Joe," a Giudice insider told Us. "It's difficult for her to accept that he's such a scumbag."

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