I Wanna Hug You Like Koalas Do

Musician Simon Panrucker combed through over 20 online videos of koalas and people lucky enough to hug and hold koalas to create this music video for his aptly-named jam “Hug You Like Koalas.” Major props for rhyming marsupial with beautiful.

From the Vimeo description:

"Koalas can find it very stressful and exhausting to be handled by humans, so if you want a hug you should wait for the koala to make the first move. It's just simple etiquette.

More facts about koalas:

1. Koalas have a very low metabolic rate which means they have to conserve energy by sleeping for around 20 hours a day.

2. Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials of course.

3. The best Youtube comment I found while looking for koala videos was this: 'I WANT TO FEED A KOALA A SANDWICH END OF DISCUSSION'"

Source: vimeo.com


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