How To Properly Ice The Office Coffee, Plus 9 More Ways To Caffeinate

Don't you hate it when you get to work and it's 100 degrees outside and all the office has is hot coffee? Well! You can make a proper iced version that isn't watered down. Learn how and then salivate over these other sweet and savory coffee-spiked dishes.

How to Make Iced Coffee at the Office

How to Make Iced Coffee at the Office

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Next time you want iced coffee skip the long lines of the coffee shop on your way in, and turn your office’s hot brew into iced brew right at your desk. All you need is a Tupperware container and a bit of ice. Until your office starts cold brewing, this should keep you cool.

If you’re the first one in the office, make your coffee. If you’re less of an early riser and arrive later: congratulations, you’ll probably get to skip this step.

Next, pour your coffee into a pint glass (any larger size glass will do), making sure to only fill it halfway. This is important — you want all of the coffee in your glass to come in contact with the ice bath so it really gets a chance to chill.

Make the ice bath: Fill a Tupperware container with ice, one inch short of being full. Add enough cold water until your ice just starts to float.

Here’s the fun part. Put your coffee glass in the center of the ice bath, and agitate/gyrate/move it around to help speed the chilling process.

When the ice is mostly melted and your glass begins to feel cold and look frosty, you’re done! Remove the glass, add fresh ice, and doctor it to your liking.

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Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

Iced Coffee Ice Cubes

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Picky iced coffee fanatics who hate when ice cubes water down their beverage will appreciate this: the secret to keeping your coffee cold and strong is espresso ice cubes, of course.

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