Every Single Spice Girls Music Video

The Olympics are over today, which totally sucks, but that also means: it's Spice Girls day! They're performing at the Closing Ceremonies and to celebrate, let us review and relive.


Important lyric: "Zigazig-ah"

Best outfit in the video: Ginger's sequined purple and gold playsuit is my favorite outfit in any Spice Girls video.

Source: youtube.com

Say You'll Be There

Important lyric: "This time, you gotta take it easy, throwing far too much emotions at me!"

Best outfit: Posh's black vinyl (?) bodysuit that is probably causing some really gross sweating, but looks amazing!

Source: youtube.com

2 Become 1

Important lyric: "Boys and girls go good together."

Best outfit: Baby's long velvet jacket / short dress combo.

Source: youtube.com

Who Do You Think You Are

Important lyric: "Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it."

Best outfit: Scary's leopard print ballgown.

Source: youtube.com

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