CLAIM: Robert Pattinson Cheated on Kristen Stewart Repeatedly

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A lot’s been written about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart since her indiscretion with Rupert Sanders came to light — some of it true, most of it false.

On Friday, we reached a new stage in the speculation ramp-up: Rumors about Pattinson cheating on Stewart during their years-long relationship.

The chatter spilled from comment boards to the mainstream when Jezebel opted to publish a laundry list of Pattinson’s alleged trysts, courtesy of a tipster identified as “someone who claims to have insider knowledge of the many times that Pattinson has stepped out on Stewart.”

It should be noted that the site does not corroborate or stand behind the tipster’s extraordinarily long missive, instead merely observing that “he or she is incredibly well-versed in the minute details of the actors’ lives and shooting schedules.”

That may be true — but the tipster’s bogus “information” is cobbled together from blind items, debunked hearsay and discredited conspiracy theories.

There’s nothing new or revelatory — just a lot of old claptrap.

In fact, the tipster seems to believe that just by listing a bunch of recycled false rumors in one place, they magically become true.

For instance, Pattinson is said to have “hooked up with Megan Fox” back in 2009.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, it was a bogus rumor.

Jezebel’s tipster exhumes the old chestnut about Pattinson having a fling with Nikki Reed — also from years ago, and also not true.

There’s the fake Ashley Greene “hookup” and the made-up Caitlin Cronenberg saga and the sensationalized Sarah Roemer night out and a return of debunked Emilie de Ravin speculation.

And so on.

Essentially, over the course of three years, tabloids linked Pattinson to every female in his vicinity, because that’s what tabloids do.

Gossip Cop demonstrated each of the rumors to be wrong, separately and on their own merits, when they were first “reported.”

Absolutely no evidence has surfaced in the time since to make the allegations any more true.

But in the wake of the Stewart situation, an aggrieved tipster went back, made a list of every rumor tying Pattinson to another woman, and presented them to Jezebel (and other outlets) as though, taken together, the number of allegations prove that Pattinson was a serial cheater.

That’s not how reality or truth operates.

Gossip Cop has covered Pattinson a lot since 2009, and our sources have been impeccable.

We’ve never heard so much as a whisper about anything close to actual cheating.

This current crop of speculation comes from a total non-”insider” with access to little beyond Google, an agenda and a lot of free time to waste chasing wild geese.


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