CLAIM: Kristen Stewart “Partying” With Lindsay Lohan

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Apparently, some tabloids feel as if Kristen Stewarts indiscretion with Rupert Sanders has given them free reign to make up even more stories than normal about the actress.

The latest gem comes from X17Online, which claims that Stewart has lately “been partying” with Lindsay Lohan.

According to the site, the ladies “were seen together at a house party yesterday at a private house in Huntington Beach.”

The blog explains, “Lilo and KStew, whose brother Cameron is an avid surfer, were in Orange County to attend a surfing contest.”

“Perhaps hanging with Lindsay is exactly what Kristen needs!” remarks X17Online.

Here’s what the blog needs: Better sources.

For starters, let Gossip Cop just point out the incongruity of a paparazzi site not having ANY photos of Stewart and Lohan’s alleged hangout.

And the stars have never run in the same circles before, so why all of a sudden would they be “partying” together?

Simply, X17Online — like a number of other pathetic blogs — wants to continue to stir the pot in the Stewart-Robert Pattinson saga, and it knows that Lohan tends to signify drama.

Naturally, the non-reporters at HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife picked up the story as fact — and added its own manufactured drama.

However, the tale is NOT TRUE.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Stewart, who tells us “she was NOT there,” and that the story is complete “BULLSH*T.”

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