CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Are “Over!”

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“Jen Dumps Justin,” blares a headline from Star, which claims Jennifer Aniston has ended her relationship with Justin Theroux because he wouldn’t propose.

The tabloid says that Aniston “finally gave up on Justin” when he didn’t ask her to marry him during their June trip to Paris.

According to a so-called “source” for the mag, the “beginning of the end for the couple” was a post-vacation dinner with friends on July 11, during which a pal supposedly “began ribbing Justin about proposing to Jen.”

The alleged insider claims, “They put him on the spot and said ‘Come on, Justin, when are you going to put a ring on it?’”

Um… What “friend” would purposely embarrass their pal like that?

Anyhow, Theroux supposedly “just shuffled around in his seat and said, ‘Can we change the subject, please?’” notes the “insider.”

(Nice made up quote there).

The source goes on to allege that Aniston “started crying the minute they left the restaurant.”

And when they got home, Aniston supposedly told Theroux, “I need a commitment, and I need it now.”

“But Justin sort of shrugged his shoulders and didn’t say anything,” adds the “insider.”

Wait, so the “source” followed the couple home from dinner and hid in a closet to eavesdrop on their private conversation at home?


Star’s purported insider goes on to note that after Aniston’s ultimatum, she “told Justin that she thought it best if they went their separate ways.”

No, she didn’t.

None of this ever happened.

The mag, which has alternately reported – ever since Aniston and Theroux got together last June – that the pair is splitting or getting married/having a baby, has proven time and again that it knows absolutely nothing about the couple.

Regardless, a source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop that the tab’s tale is FALSE and that he and Aniston are still together.

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