CLAIM: Brad Pitt Fast-Tracking Gay Movie Role After Mom Slams Same-Sex Marriage

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The National Enquirer is getting really desperate.

For weeks, the tabloid has been exaggerating the supposed battle between Brad Pitt’s mom Jane and Angelina Jolie over religion and politics.

In the wake of Jane’s letter opposing same-sex marriage, the Enquirer made up a story about Jolie threatening to call off her wedding.

The tab followed that piece of fiction with a phony report about a “holy war” developing between Jane and Jolie.

Now the Enquirer is taking a new approach, claiming Brad Pitt has “kicked off top-secret talks with Hollywood execs about playing GAY on-screen!”

The story is billed as a “shocker” for Jane Pitt, whose “gay-bashing apparently fast-tracked the deal!”

“It turns out Brad’s actually wanted to play a gay man for years, feeling it would add dimension to his work as an actor,” explains the Enquirer.

After Jane Pitt went public with her views on gay marriage, the magazine claims her son told producers, “I’ll do whatever it takes to make this film happen.”

And what “film” is this, exactly?

The Enquirer doesn’t say — because the Enquirer doesn’t know.

There’s no actual project mentioned in the piece — at least not one with a title or director or other actors or any specifics whatsoever.

While Pitt may very well play a gay man at some point, the Enquirer totally fabricated this alleged fast-tracking of a specific production.

The tabloid has no inside knowledge about a Brad Pitt gay role — just a big hole to crawl out of by continuing to flog a Jane Pitt “holy war” controversy.

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