CLAIM: Beyonce’s Baby’s Nose Changed in “Shocking New Scandal”

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MediaTakeOut may have just outdone itself.

The webloid, which has been wildly off the mark so consistently it’s become known as “MediaFakeOut,” claims there’s a “SHOCKING NEW SCANDAL!!!” involving Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby daughter Blue Ivy.

What’s the alleged bombshell?

MTO declares, “Beyonce’s Baby’s Nose Appears… To Have CHANGED!!!”

Um… what?!

The site is baffled by a reader’s bizarre observation that Blue Ivy has supposedly gone from having a Beyonce-like nose to a Jay-Z-esque nose “in just a few months.”

“We know that Babys [sic] change… but that does strike us as VERY ODD,” writes MediaTakeOut. “Well, we’re sure that there is a perfectly LOGICAL explanation for such a change.”

Here’s the explanation: Babies grow and their features develop.

That’s one of the reasons why 6-month-olds look different than 30-year-olds.

The reason it’s necessary to give MediaTakeOut this remedial human biology lesson is because the site seems to be trying to revive an absurd rumor about Blue Ivy not actually being Beyonce’s baby.

Throughout Beyonce’s pregnancy, MTO falsely and laughably claimed she was wearing a “fake” baby bump.

Then the site alleged Beyonce looked like she using a “sack of potatoes” to exaggerate her pregnancy.

After Beyonce gave birth, proving the fiction writers at MediaTakeOut wrong, the site shamelessly insisted she was “carrying around a fake baby.”

The webloid’s bizarre tactics, at every step of the way, have been to portray Beyonce and Jay-Z’s firstborn as some kind of fraud.

As it continues to post this conspiracy theory nonsense, MediaTakeOut just shows that it’s on the outside looking in, with nothing of value to report about Beyonce or her family.

There’s no “SHOCKING NEW SCANDAL” involving Blue Ivy Carter’s nose — just a desperate website looking more and more pathetic, if it’s even possible anymore.

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