Amanda Bynes Accused of New Hit & Run


Amanda Bynes has reportedly been accused of another hit-and-run.

The actress’ black BMW allegedly collided with a Toyota Corolla on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles on Saturday, but Bynes purportedly fled the scene after a brief conversation with the other motorist.

According to TMZ, which spoke with the other woman, Bynes insisted that the damage to both cars was too minor to warrant an exchange of information or police attention.

The other driver claims Bynes unsuccessfully tried to push the Corolla’s bumper back into place, refused to discuss the matter further, and then drove off.

Cops were reportedly called and took a hit and run report.

Gossip Cop is attempting to confirm this version of events, although it’s worth noting that Bynes has had an ugly recent track record behind the wheel.

Last March, the actress was cited for using her cell phone while driving, and she was arrested for DUI the next month, eventually pleading with President Obama to fire the cop who busted her.

Bynes was also allegedly involved in two separate hit-and-run incidents in May.

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