Alleged Temple Shooter Was A White-Power Hardcore Musician

The suspected Sikh temple shooter was in multiple skinhead groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center . Hear the chilling lyrics from his various bands. (Language NSFW.)

Early Monday, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that suspected temple shooter Wade Michael Page was the lead singer of skinhead band End Apathy. In this interview with End Apathy, a man named Wade references places he's lived that match details in Wade Michael Page's court records. He also reveals that he played bass in Youngland from 2001-2003 and started End Apathy in 2005. He was still playing in the band in 2010. A Band Mix page believed to belong to Wade Page lists his three bands: End Apathy, 13 Knots and Definite Hate.

Check out Define Hate's YouTube presence below...

Lyrics: "All the talking is done and now it's time to walk the walk."
"Revolution's in the air 9mm in my hand. You can run but you can't hide from this master plan."

Lyric: "This country is mine and I will not be second last."

Lyric: "I've got no mercy for the weak and we're not going to stop until our people are back on top."

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