13 Photos From Taiwan’s First Same-Sex Buddhist Marriage

Huang Mei-yu and Yu Ya-ting wed Saturday in a traditional Buddhist ceremony. Their union still isn't recognized by the Taiwanese government, though support for gay marriage is mounting across Asia.

Huang Mei-yu (left) and Yu Ya-ting (right) have been together for seven years. On Aug. 11, they married in a Buddhist ceremony in Taiwan, where homosexuality is widely accepted, though same-sex marriage is still not recognized.

Image by SAM YEH / Getty Images

Here, the women hug entertainer Chu Hui-chen, whose 26-year-old lesbian daughter killed herself in May.

Image by PICHI CHUANG / Reuters

The brides wore matching veils at the ceremony. Opinions on gay marriage range within Buddhism, though modern teachers generally don't condemn homosexuality.

Image by PICHI CHUANG / Reuters

They told reporters that they hoped the Buddhist ceremony would move more Taiwanese people to support legalization. About 80 percent of Taiwan's population is Buddhist.

Image by Wally Santana / AP

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