Who Is Rupert Sanders?

Everything you need to know about the director who had a secret affair with Kristen Stewart - including his background, his wife and his public apology for his indiscretions.

His Professional Background:

His Professional Background:

The 41-year-old director first met Kristen, who is currently 22, on the set of Snow White and The Huntsman. The $170 million dollar project was the first feature film for the director.

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Prior to directing Snow White, Rupert directed commercials for Nike, Adidas, Xbox, Guinness and one for Halo 3: ODST. The Halo ad (seen above) won him two Golden Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

According to Guardian, his big break came when he landed a meeting with producer Joe Roth (pictured left):

"I went to America with a very specific idea of what I wanted to do," Sanders told the paper. "I read every screenplay that was being sent to the other directors. None were being sent to me, but I was reading what others were choosing and what the best writers were writing. So when it was my turn to start developing projects, I knew the writers I wanted to work with, and I had met every head of studio, every executive and a lot of producers. I started finding things, little crumbs off other people's tables that I would make my own."

Following his meeting with Joe, Rupert made a 3-minute trailer for a project that would eventually turn out to be Snow White.

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His Personal Life:

His Personal Life:

The director (pictured with Charlize Theron) grew up in London with both parents - his mother who ran a doll house shop and his father who was a a neuro-ophthalmic surgeon.

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