Twitter Verifications That Need To Exist And Other Links

Because not all verified accounts are created equal. Also, Tampa prepares for the RNC and why American prefer cow milk over any of the other 6000+ mammals.

5 ways to biologically hack your body into being more awesome. - [Cracked]

30 countries means a list of 30 ridiculously hot Olympic athletes. - [BleacherReport]

Tampa strip clubs prepare for the uptick in business as the RNC convention descends on the city. - [DeathAndTaxes]

In case real germs weren't enough of a problem, now science has created the first virtual bacteria. - [Tecca]

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope is way older than I thought. At least 75 years old to be exact. - [Flavorwire]

Oh goodie, the Hipster Olympics are a real thing that actually exists. - [Glamour]

Why don't we drink the milk of other mammals as frequently as cows? - [Slate]

The "London Eye" ferris wheel has been hooked up to Twitter to gauge the emotions of U.K. dwellers during the Olympics, effectively making it a giant mood ring. - [Geekosystem]

100 cable channels no one would miss. - [Maxim]

Headline Story: Click thru to see what other oddly specific verifications the blue bird needs to get on board with. - [CollegeHumor]


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