The Largest Diamond Heist In History And Other Links

Eat your heart out Ocean's Eleven. Plus women are killing it at the Olympics this year and robotic babies are super creepy.

It's the largest diamond heist in history from the world's most impenetrable vault, located in Antwerp, Belgium. Two floors below the Diamond Centre, it was protected by a lock with 100 million possible combinations, as well as heat/motion sensors, radar, magnetic fields, and a private security force. On the weekend of Feb 15, using a series of moves that would make Danny Ocean jealous, the thieves were able to silently enter the vault, bust open the safe deposit boxes, and make off with the glittering loot. And although the purported ring leader Leonardo Notarbartolo was caught and sentenced to 10 years, he has since been released on parole. Notarbartolo claimed in an interview in Wired Magazine that the true take was only $20 million and was part of a larger conspiracy involving insurance fraud. Whatever -- the loot was never recovered and everybody literally made off like bandits.

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Meet Affetto, the creepy robot baby designed to help researchers study caregiver relationships but in reality will only help study what makes caregivers try to kill robotic infants. - [GlobalPost]

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Headline Story: Not all criminals are stupid. And when they aren't, they're damn near impossible to catch. - [Oddee]


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