TAB: Lady Gaga “Convinced” Anderson Cooper to Come Out Of Closet

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Lady Gaga convinced Anderson Cooper to come out of the closet,” reports the National Enquirer.

Say what?

The supermarket tabloid claims Gaga, who supposedly became “fast friends” with Cooper after he interviewed her on “60 Minutes” in 2011, advised the CNN reporter to “Tell the world you’re proud to be gay!”

The Enquirer says the “Born This Way” singer, who’s been a champion of gay rights, got her pal to come out by issuing him a “friendly ultimatum.”

According to a supposed “source” for the mag, “Gaga told him she’d go on his daytime talk show to promote her new record this fall, but only if he came out publicly.”

But that’s not all.

“She wanted him to add that he’s proud,” notes the purported insider.

So, how did Cooper respond to Gaga’s alleged proposal?

The source claims, “At first he found the ultimatum funny since he’s made no secret of his sexual orientation to people he knows, but as time passed he decided it was a good idea.”



As he stated in his letter, Cooper came out because despite his belief that certain aspects of a journalist’s life “should not be something they need to address publicly,” he didn’t want to give a wrong impression that he was trying to hide his sexuality.

Lady Gaga and the possibility of her as a guest on his talk show had NOTHING to do with his decision.

If Cooper’s endgame was really to garner high ratings for his talk show, he would have come out on “Anderson.”

Regardless, a rep for Gaga tells us it’s “not true” that the singer gave Cooper any sort of “ultimatum.”

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