TAB: Kristen Stewart Cheated For “Months” With Rupert Sanders

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(The People)

Kristen Stewart “cheated for months,” reports the British tab The People.

Even though the actress called it a “momentary indiscretion,” the paper’s article says “relatives of Rupert [Sanders]… suspect the affair went on much longer.”

Actually, it’s not relatives of Sanders being quoted, it’s the director’s wife Liberty Ross’ brother Leopold Ross, who’s making the claims.

Regardless, The People story — picked up by a slew of webloids — quotes Leopold Ross as believing, “It was from the last half of filming and all through post-production, clear into last week.”

First off, Gossip Cop does NOT condone any cheating at all — whether it’s kissing, sexual encounters, a “momentary indiscretion” or goes on for several “months.”

Cheating is cheating, and it’s WRONG.

But since we correct the record, here’s what’s inaccurate and suspicious about The People report.

Leopold Ross never once says he has any proof or first-hand knowledge that it all began during “the last half of filming” of Snow White and the Huntsman.

The tab very carefully dances around that with words like “suspect(s)” and “believes.”

Additionally, The People piece features a photo (above) of Stewart and Sanders “looking cosy in a restaurant in Berlin on May 15.”

But the paper manipulates the situation by conveniently cropping out the rest of the dinner party, which included several other people connected to the film.

Again, Gossip Cop does NOT excuse any cheating, but reliable sources close to Stewart — as well as those involved in the production of Snow White and the Huntsman – tell us nothing happened during the filming of the movie, and while still 100 percent inappropriate, the fling was not going on for “months.”

We’re told it wasn’t just once, but it was “brief” and “short-lived.”

We will continue to separate fact from fiction as more reports emerge about Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson.

PHOTOS – Kristen spotted out in L.A. after cheating pics were taken

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