"Super Troopers" Is Probably Getting A Sequel

And if that doens't work out, Beerfest is getting a sequel. A win for Broken Lizard fans either way.

Coming Soon spoke to two key members of the Broken Lizard crew and have all the important details:

Talking with Broken Lizard members Jay Chandraskehar and Kevin Heffernan earlier today for their new movie ... we asked them about the long-in-gestation sequel.

"We're hoping to make 'Super Troopers 2' as a group if we can work out a legal situation with Fox Searchlight," Jay told us. "They're into, they like it." "We've written a script, we've handed it into them, they loved the script," Kevin added.

"We have an issue with the first film and the accounting so if that can all be resolved, I think we'll end up making it," Jay said rather openly... and we hope he won't get in trouble from his lawyer for doing so.

Source: janeymac

And if Super Troopers 2 doesn't end up working out? Prepare for Potfest.

A sequel to 2006's Beerfest, their big studio movie for Warner Bros., might actually happen. "We'll also probably make 'Potfest,' which was a joke, but then Willie (Nelson) said he would do it, and Snoop Dogg and Cheech (Marin), they both said they would do it and we're like, 'We can probably do this.' You go into the TSA, that's the number one movie they ask for. I think there may be an audience for that. There are also films we're working on - we may do an umpire movie, playing minor league umpires."

Yeah! So let's celebrate with some great moments in Super Troopers.

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