SITE: Katy Perry “Considering a Romantic Relationship” with Robert Pattinson

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Katy Perry Gets Cozy In A Bikini With Robert Pattinson,” screams a deceptive and irresponsible headline from the hacks at HollywoodLife.

The webloid notes that Perry and Pattinson “are known to be close,” before floating, “Could their relationship become romantic now that Rob may be back on the market?”


The blog, meekly justifying its bait-and-switch headline, then writes, “With Katy spotted reading the newest issue of Blackbook magazine, which has an interview with Rob in it, could Katy be considering a romantic relationship with Rob?”


Rather than reporting news, HollywoodLife shamelessly manufactures outrageous scenarios and here writes, “Katy and Rob BOTH had their hearts broken in the last year and they could really form a strong bond based on their mutual pain. A beautiful relationship could form out of that bond.”

But that’s not the bottom of the barrel for the site, which seems to sink to new depths every day.

According to the webloid, “Following the premiere of Katy’s 3D movie A Part Of Me in Los Angeles, Rob partied alongside Katy… noticeably absent was Kristen [Stewart],” and then the blog irresponsibly speculates, “Following her admission that she had cheated on Rob, we can’t help but wonder where Kristen was that night.”

“We have a strong feeling that Katy will reach out to Rob and offer a shoulder to cry on, but will their time together turn romantic? We can only hope! They’d sure make one hot couple,” concludes HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife.

(1) The headline is entirely misleading — Perry was holding a magazine with Pattinson on its cover. That’s all.

(2) Perry is NOT “considering a romantic relationship with Rob,” a source close to Perry tells Gossip Cop — before calling HollywoodLife a series of unprintable words.

(3) HollywoodLife fabricated this entirely deceptive and speculative scenario and, like many of its stories, it’s NOT based on any real facts or reporting. Instead of reporting news, the webloid willfully creates false rumors.

(4) Writing “we can’t help but wonder where Kristen was that night” is nothing more than a cheap and disgusting shot at Stewart, whom HollywoodLife previously fawned over daily (in its attempt for traffic).

Gossip Cop, on the other hand, will continue to separate the fact from fiction in the wake of the news that Stewart cheated on Pattinson.

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