Simon Cowell Spends $500,000 on Better Hotel Rooms for X Factor Contestants

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Simon Cowell knows what it’s like to live the good life, and now thanks to his incredible generosity, a slew of “X Factor” hopefuls know as well.

A rep for Cowell confirms to Gossip Cop that the “X Factor” creator wanted to reward the 160 contestants for making it as far as they have, and so he upgraded all of them from a perfectly fine Miami hotel to the much swankier Mondrian in South Beach.

But that’s not all.

He’s also going to pick up the tab for their meals during the auditions, as they’re whittled down to just 32 contestants.

So, how much is Cowell’s big heart costing him?

Approximately half a million dollars, his rep tells Gossip Cop.

That’s a great way to start off “X Factor” on a good note.

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