MAG: Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend Thinks She’s “Hooking Up” With Enrique Iglesias

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Jennifer Lopez thought making her boyfriend the head choreographer of her tour was a good idea “so they could be together,” reports Star, but Casper Smart has been “freaking out over her increasingly close friendship with tourmate Enrique Iglesias – and it’s causing major problems backstage.”

According to the tabloid, Smart is “ultrajealous,” and he “can’t stand what he perceives as a flirtation” between Lopez and Iglesias.

A so-called “source” for the mag says Smart believes the two superstar singers are “secretly hooking up.”

The same “source” adds that Lopez and Smart “had a huge blowup” over his alleged jealousy, claiming “Casper lit into her about dressing and behaving inappropriately around Enrique.”

And even though Lopez pointed out that Iglesias has been with Anna Kournikova for more than a decade, Smart allegedly said, “I don’t care.”

This is all very dramatic… and untrue.

Of course, Star is the same tabloid that wrongly reported Lopez and Smart got “married in Mexico,” and that she quit “American Idol” to have his baby.

Regardless, a rep for Lopez assures Gossip Cop that the latest tall tale from the tab is also “inaccurate.”

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