MAG: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Fighting Over House

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“Is Blake Lively swinging the wrecking ball in the direction of her relationship with Ryan Reynolds?” asks Star magazine.

The tabloid reports that Lively has “decided to completely gut” a house she just purchased in Bedford, New York, and “the stress of rebuilding is causing all sorts of issues.”

A so-called “source” says, “Friends are wondering if their relationship is strong enough to withstand the massive remodeling of the house.”


“Blake has turned into a shrew, bossing Ryan around,” explains the Star source. “She’s making him take on woodworking projects, turning him into a glorified handyman.”

The mag’s source adds, “They’re fighting over the décor too… They don’t see eye to eye on this project at all.”

Fascinating… as is the enormous gap between reality and Star’s reporting on the couple!

In April, the magazine falsely claimed Lively and Reynolds would get married this summer.

Last week, Star wrongly insisted the actress was planning to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Of course, all of that came after the magazine made up a story about Lively and Reynolds splitting last year.

This latest item is just another sad, failed attempt by Star to pretend to have inside knowledge about the couple.

Sources close to both stars tell Gossip Cop the house renovation horror story is completely untrue.

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