Jessica Simpson’s “Secret Chocolate Binges” Imperiling Weight Watchers Deal?

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Jessica Simpson’s ”secret chocolate binges” might cost her, claims Star magazine, which has been pushing this phony “Diet Disaster” narrative for weeks… and weeks.

According to the tabloid, Simpson “loves chocolate so much, she may lose millions of dollars satisfying her cravings,” referring to Simpson’s deal with Weight Watchers, which will supposedly pay her $4 million — if she sheds 70 pounds.

A so-called “source” for Star explains, “She’s been cheating on her diet big time. Most days she’s pretty good, but sometimes she feels like she needs to reward herself. And Jessica’s favorite way to reward herself is with chocolate.”

The “source” claims Simpson “keeps a secret drawer for her clandestine chocolate habit, hiding her sugary fixes from the watchful eye of her fiancé, Eric Johnson.”

“She got used to eating everything she wanted when she was pregnant, so eating under 1,200 calories a day now is a real struggle,” explains the Star insider. “Rather than beat herself up, she’s trying to convince herself that she deserves a few candy bars every day.”

A few candy bars every day?

That would be an obstacle to losing 70 pounds — if it were the least bit true.

But a source close to Simpson tells Gossip Cop the new mom has been sticking to her diet and doing great as she transforms her post-Maxwell Drew body.

Star might be rooting against her — but its reporting is still awfully thin.

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